Piers Morgan Takes King's Throne

[picappgallerysingle id=”4991269″]Long live the king of CNN’s prime-time block: Piers Morgan.

The rumored hopeful was confirmed as headed to the cable news network according to The Wrap.  Jeff Gaspin, president of NBC Universal TV, confirmed the former host of America’s Got Talent joining the network during a press tour earlier today.

The rest of the details aren’t publicly available yet;  Gaspin gave a brief answer to Morgan having  dual duty at NBC and CNN (“Yes,” Gaspin  said.)

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The Kerrey Stays Out Of The Picture

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Like the ending for any Inglourious Basterd, Bob Kerrey’s bid for Motion Picture Association of America Chairman is up in celluloid smoke. The former senator and president of New School rejected the MPAA’s offer as the organization’s head lobbyist.

The Wrap reached Kerrey for comment, We couldn’t reach agreement and I called to suggest we break off talks. They agreed…[t]he decision was mutual.  I like them a lot and wish them well.”

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Hilary Rosen joins SKDKnickerbocker

Hillary Rosen with Susan Axelrod, Wendi Deng and Rupert Murdoch at 2010 Brunch

There’s a silver lining in today’s flash monsoon with SKDKnickerbocker‘s hiring of Hillary Rosen, pictured above. FishbowlDC reports on Rosen’s new gig, which “follows the return of Principal Anita Hill, who left the company to serve as President Obama’s Communications Director.”

Obama to Meet Virtually Every Football Team Ever

President Obama will meet with the winner of Super Bowl XLV as early as next month. Sounds weird, right? But it’s actually true, since a pixelized president is in the latest edition of the Madden NFL 11 video game franchise released on August 10th.

Once you complete the season and your team wins the Super Bowl, the ending of the game involves President Obama’s jerky game avatar meeting with other bits of code and holding up a jersey.

Game Informer notes how weird the cameo looks in context with a game for die-hard sports fans. The complete video can be found on IGN. Of course this isn’t the first off-kilter cameo for President Obama: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen presents Obama as a pacifist who eventually submits to the Decepticons referenced in an off-hand news clip and the third season premiere of The Boondocks which involved a Germany documentary filmmaker (voiced by actual filmmaker Werner Herzog) breaking down the hype of Obama’s 2008 campaign according to this Washington Post review.

It’s a shame though that an 8-bit Bill Clinton or George H.W. Bush never got to do this on the Nintendo, Genesis or Playstation.

Photo via Game Informer/IGN.

Speaking Of Politico Scenesters To Watch

Tammy Haddad interviewed at the 2010 White House Correspondents Garden Brunch.

Confused as to why everyone around the Beltway aren’t complaining about why it’s almost 100 degrees? Because they’re going over Politico’s 50 Politicos To Watch.

As Bill Nichols explains, “we bring you a snapshot of the politicians, bureaucrats, administration officials, campaign gurus, military brass, fixers and party hounds you need to keep an eye on in the weeks and months ahead.” Among other influential D.C. staples are the restaurants and bars that run the town’s after-hour salons.

Of course, in a point of full disclosure: White House Correspondents Insider’s own co-founder and editor-in-chief Tammy Haddad is one of Politico’s Scenemakers to Watch.

uWatch More on iPad

If you’re watching the above video while on a laptop or desktop, you’re in a minority.

BusinessWeek rounds up the data that more people watch video on mobile devices like tablets or their phone than if they were in front of a computer. What’s the appeal?

“Because mobile devices are slower, so if you take the trouble to find a web video, you’re likely to stick around. Also, because mobile devices don’t have big screens or multitasking, viewers are pretty locked into what they are watching.”

It may not be mobile television, but with the ABC iPad app you can further expect congested Metro trips and visits to the capitol to become more dependent on Apple’s tablet, as WHC Insider previously suggested.

Fingers crossed that the ABC app does well enough to encourage the biggest D.C. wonk app: the CSPAN app.

Simon Marks named President of MacNeil Lehrer Productions

Simon Marks will be the new president of MacNeil Lehrer Productions effective September 1, 2010. Marks, the associate executive producer of the PBS NewsHour, will replace retiring MLP President Les Crystal.

MacNeil Lehrer Productions is the partnership of Robert MacNeil, Jim Lehrer and Liberty Media and produces the PBS NewsHour, along with other broadcast and digital journalism.

From the official press release: Marks helped devise and oversee the recent integration of the NewsHour’s broadcast and online operations; managed the design and construction of the NewsHour’s new, digital newsroom; and the played a leading part in the launch of the re-branded “PBS NewsHour” nightly broadcast, website and mobile services in December of 2010.

“Simon brings a vision and a feel for the future that is a perfect fit for MacNeil-Lehrer Productions as we chart our way in this exciting and challenging time for all of us in the business of serious journalism,” added Jim Lehrer, executive editor and lead anchor of the PBS NewsHour and partner in MacNeil Lehrer Productions.

“I’m deeply honored and grateful that Jim Lehrer and Robin MacNeil would even consider me to succeed Les Crystal at MacNeil-Lehrer’s helm,” added Simon Marks. “I’m excited to continue the important work we’ve already begun at the PBS NewsHour, and I look forward to furthering MacNeil-Lehrer’s reputation as the gold standard for video journalism in the digital age.”

The Helen Thomas Dark Horse Is…NPR!

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After a few jokes about who an “unexpected third party” could be, it’s almost unexpected that NPR would emerge as the dark horse for Helen Thomas’ coveted seat.

But that’s exactly what happened, according to The Upshot, when the news organization that recently dropped the “Radio” from its’ name submitted a formal letter to the White House Press Association.

NPR’s reasoning? Its audience size, scope of programming and the subtle burn that they’ve been in the White House Press Room since the 1970s compared to Bloomberg and Fox News. Once again, August 2nd will be a very exciting day.
Photo: Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images

Lawrence O'Donnell Scores Olbermann Producer

Izzy Povich, Keith Olbermann’s longtime MSNBC producing partner, is moving over to helm the new Lawrence O’Donnell Show.  Povich, who spurned network offers to stay with Mr. Olbermann in 2006, will lead MSNBC’s battle to take back audience from Fox and CNN at 10pm.

Greta Van Susteren has dominated the 10pm audience since she arrived at Fox 8 1/2 years.  She recently signed a new contract with the cabler.

Here’s Izzy Povich at the 2007 White House Correspondents Brunch with MSNBC VP Bill Wolff and WHCInsider’s Tammy Haddad.