The Kerrey Stays Out Of The Picture

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Like the ending for any Inglourious Basterd, Bob Kerrey’s bid for Motion Picture Association of America Chairman is up in celluloid smoke. The former senator and president of New School rejected the MPAA’s offer as the organization’s head lobbyist.

The Wrap reached Kerrey for comment, We couldn’t reach agreement and I called to suggest we break off talks. They agreed…[t]he decision was mutual.  I like them a lot and wish them well.”

The news comes months after two months of rumblings and a spot on the Don Imus Show in which Kerrey remarked what he would do in the position, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The other problem? Kerrey unsure if he could leave his tumultuous position as New School’s President before his term ends in 2011. It doesn’t help that the ex-senator was given a symbolic no confidence vote from senior faculty at the university in 2008 according to The Chronicle for Higher Education.

City Room outlined Kerrey’s main problems at the university after he announced his 2011 removal: “Mr. Kerrey was criticized for placing budgetary concerns over scholarly priorities, for centralizing power in his office and that of the executive vice president, and for shutting out faculty members’ involvement.”

Likewise, rumors surround the MPAA bid claim that Kerrey was asking for far too much autonomy and not showing a clear understanding about “his” (read: the MPAA’s own thoughts on) pirating material and censorship.

But when dealing with anything related to the Beltway or Hollywood, it doesn’t hurt to have a healthy sense of skepticism like Deadline’s Nikki Finke–just don’t be surprised if that “skepticism” also involves swinging flaming broadswords and salting the earth.

(photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)