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William Castle is clearly smiling down from heaven when it comes to a new trend in programming.

The Wrap reports that Comedy Central greenlit “Dwaynebook,” hosted by Dwayne Perkins. The format of the show focuses on “social networking” according to Perkins’ manager, Matt Schuler:

“It’s completely different than any other green-screen show that’s on TV, because it focuses specifically on social networking … I mean, ‘Tosh.0’ is basically about anything on the internet, ‘Web Soup’ is basically about anything on the Internet, ‘The Soup’ is basically what’s going on on TV. This just focuses on the world of social networking sites.”

Likewise, Revision 3 has dipped into crowdsourcing material with Dan 3.0. Already a known video blogger, Dan Brown is using the Internet to choose how he lives for the next year. Brown explains during an interview with Fast Company via Gizmodo that he works with the viewer in order to lay out his own plot.

Using social media and web interaction is growing into more than a tool to run polls during shows; people want to be an active participant of the media they consume. Whether that’s providing material for a show like Dwaynebook, Web Soup or infoMania, viewers and users need to know they’re as relevant as the material being covered.

After all, it’s the same target audience.