YouChoose YourTube

William Castle is clearly smiling down from heaven when it comes to a new trend in programming.

The Wrap reports that Comedy Central greenlit “Dwaynebook,” hosted by Dwayne Perkins. The format of the show focuses on “social networking” according to Perkins’ manager, Matt Schuler:

“It’s completely different than any other green-screen show that’s on TV, because it focuses specifically on social networking … I mean, ‘Tosh.0’ is basically about anything on the internet, ‘Web Soup’ is basically about anything on the Internet, ‘The Soup’ is basically what’s going on on TV. This just focuses on the world of social networking sites.”

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Much Ado About Obama's Game

President Obama’s charity basketball game brought out the best in the Beltway boys giving their all when it comes to sports reporting.

Basic round-ups from New York Post, Huffington Post’s The Hill and Time’s The Newsfeed flesh out the all-star pickup game at Fort McNair while USA Today pointed out the shrimp came straight from the Gulf.

Fishbowl DC replays the White House pool report for the top bill of the guest list:

Carmelo Anthony, Shane Battier, Chauncey Billups, Kobe Bryant (not playing), Derek Fisher, Grant Hill, LeBron James, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Maya Moore, Alonzo Mourning, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Bill Russell, Etan Thomas, Dwyane Wade, David West

Everyone notes Kobe didn’t play. But it was only Washington Post’s 44 that pointed out the above video of Obama’s insane three-point skill.

4600 Hours So Far for A Life In A Day

Like cribbing a line from RENT, it turns out there’s 276,000 minutes in A Life In A Day.

The crowdsourced documentary experiment from executive producer Ridley Scott and director Kevin Macdonald is a partnership between LG, YouTube and the Sundance Institute to document one day (July 24th 2010) around the world. According to a press release from yesterday, the great culling of digital ‘celluoid’ has begun under Macdonald and 20 other editors.

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Elena Kagan Confirmed to the Supreme Court

Samantha Power and Elena Kagan at HBO's screening of "Sergio," based on Power's' book about Sergio de Mello, Chief of the UN efforts in Baghdad.

The Senate confirmed Elena Kagan by a 63-37 vote as the 112th justice to the Supreme Court. Kagan, 50, is President Obama’s second appointment to the court in the past year and marks the first time in history that three women are serving on the high court – Kagan and Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Veterans, Families To Enjoy A Night of Baseball

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA) has added a family friendly twist to America’s favorite pastime.

The Orioles and Nationals baseball teams will each be hosting a special night next week for IAVA members and their families as part of the “Summer of Engagement” series. Dozens of these events have been held around the country since July 4, including one at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles where 15 IAVA Member Veterans took to the Dodgers dugout before the game to watch the teams practice and shake hands with legendary Dodgers Coach Tommy Lasorda and Dodgers players.

On Monday at Camden Yards and Wednesday at Nationals Park, hundreds of locally based IAVA Member Veterans and their families will be treated to a pregame event with free food, drinks, activities for kids, and lots of GI Bill, mental health and veterans support information – all as a special thanks and recognition of their service. IAVA Executive Director Paul Rieckhoff and IAVA Director of Government Affairs Todd Bowers will be throwing out the first pitches.

Chicago White Sox vs. Baltimore Orioles
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Monday, Aug 9, 7:05 PM

Florida Marlins vs. Washington Nationals
Nationals Park
Wednesday, Aug 11, 7:05 PM

"Sad Birthday Obama" Not So Sad. Really.

Screencap from NY Daily News. Pete Souza/White House

For the 49th birthday of the President of the United States, you’d think it was the saddest day ever if you were the New York Daily News.

The Gotham tabloid started this piece about the President’s special day in true fashion: “It’s your party, Mr. President. You can cry if you want to.” It doesn’t hurt to run a file photo of the President staring at a plate of cupcakes like it was a handful of oil.

Back to the plate at hand: the photo (left) shares a strange similarity to when Helen Thomas celebrated her 89th birthday and received a plate of cupcakes from the President (and he’s smiling too!)

In fact, the photo is from last year while Obama “watches the flame on the candle as he walks to the Brady Briefing Room to present cupcakes to Hearst White House columnist Helen Thomas in honor of her birthday, Aug. 4, 2009.”

So if you thought the President was sad due to A-Rod’s 600th hit or his birth date still being debated, don’t fret. Even if he didn’t get to eat his cake from the AFL-CIO according to  Yahoo, we’re sure he’ll enjoy Wendy Williams’ Gift Bag and a birthday tweet (via Savannah Gutherie) from Russian President Dmitri Medvedev.

Controlling Campaign Brands in New Media

Image is the most important tool in campaigns and social media. This isn’t a startling fact or groundbreaking for anyone remotely connected to the upcoming primaries in 2010. It becomes something worth exploring when candidatestry to promote themselves through new media concepts, when the established idea of a TV ad feels as fake as the faux-humility it promotes.

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White House Reporters Take Their (new) Seats

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs wasted no time in pointing out that the press corps was decked out in their “Sunday best” for the debut of the new seating arrangements in the James S. Brady Briefing Room. With the President traveling in Atlanta, GA on Monday there was no daily briefing back in Washington, DC. But on Tuesday it was back to business.

“Church is full today,” joked Gibbs. “That’s good to see.” Here’s the briefing from C-SPAN.

Most eyes were on the Associated Press who now occupy the front row, center seat once warmed by Helen Thomas – but there were several changes made by the White House Correspondents Association and a whole new seating chart – one that may require a booster seat as Gibbs pointed out to America Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan who could barely see the podium from her spot behind NPR reporter Ari Shaprio.

“Ms. Ryan, you’re going to have to ask that gentleman in front of you to sit down a little,” joked Gibbs. “He’s a little on the tall side.”

Ryan moved up from the fourth row to the middle of the third row next to Politico, which also moved up from fourth to third row. That put Ryan directly behind NPR, one of the contenders for the Thomas perch. NPR was given Fox’s old seat in the second row, directly behind the newly ensconced AP. Fox moved up to the first row in the old AP seat. Got it?

Washington Post Co. Sells NEWSWEEK to Sidney Harman

It’s official: The Washington Post Company has signed a contract to sell Newsweek to businessman Sidney Harman, 91, the founder and chairman emeritus of Harman International.

Newsweek Editor Jon Meacham has agreed to step down as part of the ownership transition.

According to the post on, Meacham announced his departure in an e-mail to staff this afternoon: “It has been a privilege beyond measure to have worked for NEWSWEEK and for The Washington Post Company for the past 15 years. I will always be grateful for the opportunity the magazine gave me to serve alongside all of you. For half a century the Graham family created and sustained a culture in which we were able to do good, important work, and I know NEWSWEEK will continue to do so.”

“In seeking a buyer for Newsweek, we wanted someone who feels as strongly as we do about the importance of quality journalism. We found that person in Sidney Harman,” said Donald E. Graham, chairman and chief executive officer of The Washington Post Company, in a press release issued by the company.

Harman made his fortune in audio equipment and is the husband of Representative Jane Harman (D-CA).