Jan 23

Saluting Susan Sher

Susan Sher at a luncheon in her honor at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington,DC

New Washington friends and old Chicago pals gathered at The Jefferson Hotel to honor Susan Sher. Sher came to Washington with the Obamas serving first in the White House Counsel’s office and for the last 18 months as the First Lady’s Chief of Staff. Connie Milstein, Hilary Rosen and Tammy Haddad hosted the luncheon, which included David Axelrod, Kevin Sheekey, Julianna Smoot and Patrick Gaspard.

Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren (with his wife, Sally) saluted Sher’s West Orange, New Jersey roots as the other jersey girls, Anita Dunn and Hilary Rosen, proudly cheered him on.

While not a jersey girl, Manhattan-born Connie Milstein, is the proprietor of The Jefferson and invited the guests to raise their glasses to “thank Susan for her service to the nation.”

David Axelrod, who leaves Washington at the end of the month, praised Sher for her always-cool leadership and integrity. Axelrod said he was already making Chicago plans with Sher and Julianna Smoot, the White House Social Secretary, who announced this week she would go back to Chicago as Deputy Campaign Manager.

Other guests included Milstein’s husband, JC de La Haye Saint Hilarie, Linda Douglass, Rabbi David Saperstein, Anne Fleming, Alan Solow, Susan Davies, Danielle Grey, Maude Baggetto, Ted Greenberg, Danielle Borrin, and Holly Page.

The luncheon crowd dined on Tomato soup, Cod, Coq au Vin and Chocolate Brulee and everyone walked out with an anatomically correct White House chocolate bar. Click for photo gallery

Maude Beggetto, Kevin Sheekey and Danielle Borrin Connie Milstein, Ann Fleming, Danielle Borrin and Susan Davies Ted Greenberg and CJ de La Haye Saint Hilaire Tammy Haddad, Ted Greenberg and JC de La Haye Saint Hilaire IMG_9906 Ambassador and Sally Arons and David Sapperstein Alan Solow, Anne Fleming, Susan Sher, Linda Douglass and Connie Millstein Susan Sher, Linda Douglass and Connie MIls Tammy Haddad and Susan Sher Connie Milstein, David Axelrod and Anita Dunn Patrick Gaspard and Kevin Sheekey Linda Douglass and Anne Fleming Susan Sher, Amb Oren, JC de LaHaye Saint Hilaire Anita Dunn and Tammy Haddad Susan Sher Luncheon, The Jefferson Julianna Smoot, Connie Milstein and Susan Sher Connie Milstein, Susan Sher, Amb Oren, and JC de La Haye Saint Hilarie


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