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May 19

Meyers and McCurry Host Junior Statesman of America

Dan Meyers and Jeff Harris host JSA Event

Junior Statesmen Foundation and Junior State of America alumni and friends gathered at the Arlington home of Dan Meyers and Kevin Latek last week to hear a presentation from the CEO of the Junior Statesmen Foundation, Jeff Harris. The event was held to raise awareness of the Junior Statesmen organization, which provides opportunities to educate high school students on the American political system throughout the DC area.

“Our challenge is getting high school students to be excited about their government, their chance to participate, their chance to make a difference,” said Harris. “JSA is all about giving high school students the skills, the knowledge that they need to become active, involved participants in our democracy for the rest of their lives.

Mike McCurry, the former Press Secretary to President Clinton and JSA alum, co-hosted the “friendraiser” along with fellow JSA veteran Dan Meyers, Rich Galen, Sarah Hoffman, Junelle Cavero, Andy Green and Tammy Haddad. He told the gathering that his first and only political campaign was through the Junior Statesmen of America Foundation while he was still in high school. McCurry ran for the position of Junior Governor of California, which he won.

“[JSA] is a program unlike some of the others that I think many [people] are familiar with… this one actually allows people to be involved, get involved, and really learn by doing,” said McCurry.

Dan Meyers joined the JSA when he was a student in Ohio. Today, he serves on the JSA board and sees it as his way of giving back to the foundation for the support it gave him throughout his high school years.

“The foundation is something that is very close to my heart,” Meyers said. “It’s something that inspired me to get involved in politics.

Guests included JS Board members Doug Bailey, Chris Dunn, JSA staff alum David Mark, Susan Sher, the former FLOTUS Chief of Staff, Jessica Stuart, Junelle Cavero, CEO of Blue Knot Strategies LLC; the divine Chris Edwards, wowed the crowd with the families fabulous Edward Marc Chocolates.

Check out photos from the event below:

May 19

Press Veterans vs. Obama White House Press Corps

Some of the biggest names in the news business complained about the relationship between the White House press corps and the Obama White House accusing the press of being too deferential to President Obama.

Former Clinton press secretary Mike McCurry moderated a panel on the 50th anniversary of the first televised presidential news conference which was conducted by John F. Kennedy.  Panelists included Sid Davis, Haynes Johnson, Don Larrabee, John Palmer, and Sander Vanocur.

When talking about the current press corps, Davis said, “I don’t like today’s news conferences” with the president. Kennedy’s, he says, were “thoroughly unrehearsed, natural and they worked to a large extent.” Today’s versions, he adds, “look like they are rehearsed.”

U.S. News and World Report’s Paul Bedard reported on the forum; to read his full story, click here.

May 19

Google/YouTube and PBS NewsHour Score First Interview with Mark Kelly from Space Shuttle Endeavor

Watch the full interview hosted by PBS NewsHour’s Miles O’Brien with questions from Google Moderator:


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May 18


Commander Mark Kelly will give his first interview from space to Google, You Tube and PBS NewsHour.  Anchor Miles O’Brien will use questions submitted through Google Moderator… To read Matt Dornic’s take, click HERE.

May 18


WHC Insider would like to welcome the New York Times back to TV.  Producers have been using your material for years, its about time you joined the TV game again.  Todd Purdum’s show from your partnership with the Discovery Channel is still a favorite.

Click here to read the full story courtesy of The Cutline.