Fred Thompson on Trump Pull Out

Former presidential candidate and NBC star Fred Thompson commented on former presidential hopeful and NBC star Donald Trump’s aborted bid for the GOP nomination saying it may have been a brilliant business decision.  Trump got tons of publicity because of the move, he says, and stands to  potentially receive an even bigger contract from NBC for the next season of his hit show The Apprentice.  He also says that the financial disclosure that comes along with being a public figure may have been a significant deterrent for Trump.  Read Ted Johnson’s full story from Variety.

Obama White House Puts an End to Re-enactments

When President Obama announced the death of Osama Bin-Laden, it was not only a historic moment in the fight against terror, it also was the last presidential address ever to be reenacted for the press.  This practice has been commonplace for elected officials since the advent of public media and dates back to Harry Truman, who would repeat his radio addresses to the press.  Check out the Associated Press’s full story here.

NewsHour Anchor Jim Lehrer Stepping Down

Jim Lehrer surprised the Washington news community today by announced that he will be stepping down as the lead newsman for public television. He has hosted “The NewsHour” on PBS for 36 years making him the longest running national anchorman.  While his daily job will end on June 6, 2011, he plans to continue to moderate the show’s weekly news analysis segment, which airs every Friday.  You can read the full story here, courtesy of the Washington Post.

Matthew Morrison Releases First Solo Album & Will Tour in DC This Summer

Matthew Morrison with White House Press Secretary Jay Carney (Left) and Rachel Goslins (Right), Executive Director of the President's Committee on the Arts and Humanities at the Bloomberg/Vanity Fair WHCD After-party

White House Correspondents’ Garden Brunch friends, Glee star and White House Correspondents’ Dinner guest, Matthew Morrison, has finally released his first album.

Morrison was profiled in USA Today where his broadway and TV show colleagues boast about his musical talent, calling him a “quadruple threat.”

The album is now available for purchase on iTunes.

One of Morrison’s Glee co-stars, Darren Criss, stopped by the studio for some impromptu jamming – check out the video below (

Tickets are still available for his July 6 appearance at DC’s DAR Constitution Hall.

Seth Meyers' Newsworthy Week

Seth Meyers is on the comedic roll of a lifetime.  He played the White House Correspondents dinner like a veteran, poking fun at Washington biggies including President Obama himself.

Hours after this performance, the news about Bin-Laden’s death was released, which gave Meyers great material for his Saturday Night Live skit Weekend Update. Check out the clip below:

President Obama and Seth Meyers Score Plenty of Laughs and YouTube Views at #WHCD

The day before Osama Bin Laden was killed the President entertained a crowd of high profile politicos, media personalities and hollywood celebs at the Washington Hilton throwing satirical punches at Donald Trump with video pieces of his birth certificate and his never seen before “actual birth.”  SNL’s Seth Meyers brought his whole family to the affair as well as his Weekend Update humor.

Check out the videos below:

Obama’s speech is now the most watched video on C-SPAN’s YouTube channel with over 6 million hits and counting.