Chicagoans at Kennedy Center Honors

Brad Keywell, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, David Axelrod and Kim Keywell

One of the biggest nights in DC are the Kennedy Center Honors, and this year’s group of honorees had no shortage of talent or star power.  Honored Sunday night were Meryl Streep, Neil Diamond, Barbara Cook, Yo-Yo Ma and Sonny Rollins.  The show was packed with star studded performances and speeches.  Famed screen writer Nora Ephron even declared that actress Meryl Streep, whose movie, Iron Lady, where in which she plays Margaret Thatcher, comes out December 16th, should also play Hillary Clinton.  Ephron said to Clinton from stage about Streep, “you met her tonight, and I’m sure you thought she was charming, but she was just soaking you up.”

After the ceremonies, there was a moment when all traffic stopped at the Kennedy Center Honors dinner to watch actress Anne Hathaway hug Kennedy Center Honoree Barbara Cook at a table that included Patti Lupone and Glenn Close. Inches away, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel stopped to chat with political stars David Axelrod, Delaware’s Senator Chris Coons, Governor Markell and Groupon Co-founder Brad Keywell.

The Kennedy Center Honors will be aired December 27th on CBS.

Check out more photos from the evening below: