Greta Van Susteren: Ten Years of Fearless Interviews

Go to and congratulate Greta Van Susteren on ten years of “On The Record” on Fox News Channel.  Greta is still the newest talent on the powerhouse Fox prime time schedule, winning her time slot, batting away competitor after competitor. Typical Greta, no big party celebrating the big day.  Instead she is blogging on Greta Wire…

Today is the exact day we launched…..February 4, 2002.  Incidentally, right before Feb. 4, 2002, I had just had the bags under my eyes fixed and because I was still swollen, I did still look a bit like the Pillsbury Doughboy, didn’t I?     I got so much media attention for being open about plastic surgery that ON THE RECORD at 10pm got a huge media launch.  Everyone one was talking about it.  It was incredible – even the cover of People Magazine!  Although it was certainly not planned to be a marketing ploy, it ended up being a phenomenal to launch a show.  Even when the critics had something to say about me they mentioned our new show…and mentioning the new show – regardless of what was said – was big for our launch!  It is buzz!  It didn’t matter what they were saying – it mattered that they were saying it and paying attention and telling everyone else about the new show.  Buzz gets everyone paying attention.   No other cable news show has ever gotten a media launch like that and the funny thing?  It did not cost Fox a dime.  It was total luck.  At the time I thought – if only I were smart enough to have planned it to work out this way…but it was just plain luck.

Besides working with great people, and having great friends, I have had lots of luck.  I was extraordinarily lucky to have been chosen by Roger Ailes to anchor the new Fox cable show at 10p.   Frankly, he could have picked a lot of people – there are a lot of good people out there – but he picked me.

I also know and have told ALL OF YOU many times here on GretaWire, you are a GIANT part of the success of ON THE RECORD at 10pm for 10 years straight.  Without you, we would not be successful – and we sure would not be #1 for 10 straight years without you.

And, of course, with GretaWire, I feel like I know many of you and that you are my friends – even on those occasions when you are clobbering me for something I said or did  (and yes, many times I may deserve it.)  But, what is fun is that even when we get into the occasional dust up with each other we all get over it and move on.  I love good strong debate.”