Comedy Central Joins Election App War

For those who are fans of satirical commentary during the election season, Comedy Central allows you to join with like-minded folk and some of the top people in the news-as-comedy business with their new app.  The “Indecision Election Companion” has a live “Peanut Gallery” that allows you to vote on how a speaker or guest is doing and add your 2-cents during an on-air appearance.  There are also the popular “Snap Shots” that are constantly updated pictures of political figures with clever captions.  Like something so much it made you laugh?  You can of course share it with your friends via social networks Facebook and Twitter.
In the battle for space in election coverage, Comedy Central has become popular with show hosts like Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert using campaigns as comedy fodder.  2012 will prove to be no exception, and the Indecision team is giving people a chance to chuckle while on the go.
Check out the review from Mashable and download the free app here.