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Jun 18

Jay Carney Leaves White House: What’s Next?

Jay Carney and Matthew Morrison

White House Correspondents and the C-SPAN audience enjoyed Jay Carney’s last White House briefing before he re-enters the private sector.

Mr. Carney has options from network TV news divisions to cablers and websites. The top pr firms have been circling him for a while. With unlimited options Carney will definitely be the manager for son Hugo’s band.

Apr 16

Dee Dee Myers Ankles GPG for Warner Brothers

Deadline Hollywood scoops the Washington press corps with the news that Dee Dee Myers and Todd Purdum from Washington’s A List will move back to Los Angeles so she can become communications chief at Warner Brothers.

Myers came to Washington as President-elect Bill Clinton’s press secretary and has had a very successful public speaking career and television presence since that time. Todd Purdum’s prose roared from the front pages of the New York Times and Vanity Fair to Politico. Ms. Myers joins another former Washingtonian John Rogovin who has been General Counsel at Warner Brothers for 5 years. Read the Deadline report.


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Feb 16

Can Joel McHale Make the President Laugh at White House Correspondents’ Dinner?

Veteran comedian and actor Joel McHale is also a veteran attendee of the White House Correspondents Dinner so it will probably give him a leg up on getting the president and the 2,000 attendees to laugh at his jokes. Few comedians are guests before they take the podium to address the notoriously tough crowd and the president sitting inches away.

Steve Thomma, President of the White House Correspondents Association this year, selected McHale who is probably best known for hosting “Talk Soup”, the weekly snarkfest making fun of TV’s lowest moments. His acting career is in high gear as he co-stars in NBC’s “Community.” Thomma is the well respected politics editor of The McClatchy papers. It is the White House Correspondents Association 100th annual dinner so the pressure is on to create a memorable program.

Thomma has stood tall in the White House Correspondents fight with the Obama White House over photographers lack of access to presidential events.

This year’s White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, May 3rd.

Feb 16

Larry King Alive: On Conan, On Infomercials and Russia TV

TV Newser picks up Larry King’s appearance on Conan O’Brien’s TBS Show when he tells Conan he does not believe in the afterlife, “when you die, it’s bye bye baby.” Conan says he would then be hosting, “Larry King Alive.” Larry King is headlining his web show, a political show, Russian TV and infomercials. Here is the link to TV Newser.


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Nov 25

Kennedy Secret Service Agent, Clint Hill, Relives Nov. 22, 1963 at Cafe Milano

Clint Hill at Cafe Milano

Franco Nuschese hosted one of the most memorable people in modern history at his Georgetown restaurant, Cafe Milano, on Sunday, November 24, 2013. Clint Hill is the Secret Service agent, assigned to Jacquie Kennedy, who jumped on the back of President Kennedy’s car when he was shot in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963. Franco Nuschese introduced Mr. Hill and co-author Lisa McCubbin, to talk about the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy and their new book, Five Days in November. He told the story to the rapt crowd that included White House aides Jeremy Bernard, Ellie Schafer, and the State department’s Evan Ryan. Media stars Jim Lehrer, Wolf Blitzer, Polson Kanneth, Jonathan Capehart and Ruth Marcus lined up to shake the hand of the man who tried in vain to save President Kennedy’s life. The Vice President’s son, Hunter Biden, former congresswoman Ellen Tauscher, former protocol chiefs Ambassador Lloyd Hand and Lucky Roosevelt, Ted Greenberg and Diane Jones watched the video of the iconic photos as Mr. Hill described each second.


The crowd was meserized by his personal heartfelt recitation of that day and the days after. Agent Hill was assigned to protect Mrs. Kennedy and he demonstrated some of the same grace that she showed the world on that terrible day.

He told the story of how Mrs. Kennedy had asked the secret service agents to teach John John how to salute and how he would not use his right hand. Before the funeral a Marine colonel was asked to help entertain the young boy and he taught him to salute with his right hand a his father’s funeral, a moment no one can ever forget. The president and first lady promised John John that he would have a birthday day party when they returned from Dallas, so after the funeral she gathered their close family and had a party for him. Mr. Hill has not given interviews prior to this year and the pain and suffering he felt all these years was palpable to the respectful crowd.