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Jul 1

Washington’s the Church, Hollywood’s the Steeple. Here’s Who Opens the Doors for all the Veeple

Veep Season 2 screening

The Washington City Paper continues their love of Veep by going into the consultants behind shows like Alpha House, House of Cards and the glory days of The West Wing. Marin Cogan dives into the Beltway folks that have re-energized and brought more to hashing out the “Veeple” instead of living out the dream of very confused Secret Service hopefuls after White House down and Olympus has Fallen. And sometimes, the shows continue to get things wrong about Washington (we’re looking at you Homeland and King & Maxwell:

It’s easy to spot when Hollywood gets something majorly wrong about Washington, like when Homeland portrays Farragut Square as a sprawling green park rather than a tiny city square. What’s less obvious is the effort some shows, like House of Cards or Veep, put into hewing closely to the real look and feel of Washington—if not in character and plotlines, then at least in setting and dialogue. It’s the result of a lot of effort from obsessive directors, writers, line producers, props and set designers. But behind all of them are political consultants, current or recovering politicos offering up their experiences and insight as grist for visual fiction.

Veep ended two weeks ago and House of Cards is back in production for season two in Balitmore–conveniently in the same soundstage as the HBO show. The City Paper goes into the nitty gritty, explaining the shared friendships and co-working conditions that befit programs about Washington as fittingly as the city’s own working relationships around government, private sectors and stealing lines from science fairs.

WCP – Hollywood Squares

Jun 19

Washington Sees Off Leslie Dach

Leslie Dach Reception

When Tony Podesta sends an invitation, smart people always say yes. But an invite from Tony and Walmart’s Senior Director of Federal Government Ivan Zapien to fete the outgoing Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs Leslie Dach has all the smart people accepting.

Tosca’s front room was packed with Washington’s finest to take a moment away from big issues to celebrate a Big Man on the Washington Campus (Leslie, of course). After leading their Washington office for seven years, he’s leaving behind all the good works of the corporate affairs office to a new role as consultant to the company. Leslie with his wife Mary and their daughter hugged and chatted with friends as yummy hors d’oeuvres were passed around the early-evening crowd.

Guests included Sylvia Matthews, former director of OMB, who Leslie recruited to Walmart to run their philanthropy, Washington Super-Lawyer Bob Barnett, Martha’s Table CEO/President and Philanthropist Patty Stonesifer, Mary Tydings Smith and The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer. Other guests included Ron Brownstein and Eileen McMenamin, Amy Weiss and Peter Kadzik, Ann Walker Marchant, Melissa Moss and John Podesta.


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Jun 17

This Week Welcomes Jeremy Bash To The Talking Heads

A new Obama pundit joined the Sunday show ranks yesterday. Jeremy Bash, former chief of staff to former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and his top deptuy at the CIA, appeared on This Week’s panel explaining the President’s new position on Syria. Joining him were George Will, Jeffrey Goldberg and Martha Raddatz.

While Will went with the Napolean quote to lead of the Sunday conversation, Bash used his own experience at the CIA to go over the issues.

The Week – Roundtable I: U.S. Role in Syria

Jun 14

Global Virus Network Party Hosted by Cafe Milano’s Franco Nuschese

Global Virus Network

Only Franco Nuschese could bring together such an esteemed crowd to talk about global health concerns. At his fabulous home in Northwest Washington he brought together top scientists and advocates at a reception for the Global Virus Network. Dr. Robert Gallo, who co-discovered the AIDS virus and is also the co-founder and scientific director of the GVN, gave remarks to help the crowd understand the importance of the GVN and its funding.

In welcoming the group, Dr. Sharon Hrynkow, President of GVN, noted that “the toll of viral diseases goes beyond human health, making enormous impacts on economies, as in the case of SARS and HIV/AIDS as only two examples, and in national security, when put in terms of military preparedness. We cannot think of viral disease only with respect to the health sector.”

Surrounded by GVN Board Chairman Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and new board members including Dr. William Haseltine, Dr. Zaid Al Siksek and Gina Adams among other members of the board. Dr. Gallo warned the crowd of the importantance of having a non-governmental private network of scientist who can coordinate a Response to viruses as they come up.

Recommending “centers of excellence” with top virologists to immediately respond and coordinate information for viral threats. Kennedy Townsend related the importance of giving to a group like the GVN. “It is a global network,” she told the crowd. “These scientists talk to one another and learn form one another.” She recalled at a GVN event when scientists from Michigan met a group from Japan and learned of the similarities between two viruses each team thought were one-of-a-kind.

Guests included Ambassador Louis Moreno, Ambassador Mauro Vieira, Daryl Edwards on behalf of the Australian Ambassador along with Washington media types like Steve Clemons, Jim Pinkerton, Janet Donovan and Tammy Haddad enjoying a reception buffet with Mary Katherine Steel, Ellie Schafer, Heather Rothenberg and Heather Baker.

You can watch select parts of the program below:

You can learn more about GVN here.

Jun 12

Miss America in Washington Announces STEM and Stops at Cafe Milano

Miss America at Cafe Milano

Miss America announced a return to New Jersey yesterday, along with their new STEM scholarship for one of the 2013 pageant contestants. After remarks from CEO and Chairman of the Miss America Foundation Sam Haskell, Miss America Mallory Hagan discussed going back to FIT after relinquishing her crown in September.

Talking to the Reliable Source, the party later wound up at Cafe Milano in Georgetown where Hagan and friends spent dinner as they should in Washington.

You can see those photos below:


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