Press Uncuffed

Please support journalists who are under siege globally. The Washington Post’s Dana Priest shows us how we can do something from our own computers. Thanks, Dana!

“We’re journalism students at the University of Maryland working with our professor – Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post reporter Dana Priest – to raise money to free imprisoned journalists around the world by selling bracelets bearing their names. Press Uncuffed works in partnership with the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), an independent, nonprofit organization that advocates for journalists in danger.”

Support the campaign.

Glenn Thrush named chief political correspondent at Politico

“Glenn Thrush has been promoted to Politico’s chief political correspondent and will take a major role in the outlet’s coverage of the 2016 presidential campaign, according to a memo sent to staff Tuesday from editor Susan Glasser.

Thrush, a senior staff writer at Politico Magazine, will immediately “begin filing news, scoops and more in the news cycle as well for us,” according to the memo. He will also be the host of “Off Message,” a podcast dedicated to offering “a smart, unvarnished take on 2016.”

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President Obama: The Re/code Interview

In a 25 minute interview, President Obama told Kara Swisher that he embraces technology and is looking forward to the new Apple Watch! Swisher covered all the technology and security issues and a few fun items. The President seemed proud to embrace the selfie stick but still uses a Blackberry and watches sports on TV.

Senator John McCain Headlines Daily Beast Hero Summit

Tina Brown kicks things off at the second annual Daily Beast Hero Summit with an interivew with the always interesting Senator John McCain. As politicians line up to claim they are outraged by the government shutdown’s affect on veteran services. Syria and the controveries in Congress will all be covered starting at 8:30 a.m. when Senator John McCain joins Tina Brown in a special session.

Afterwards the morning program continues with a look back at the 20th anniversary of the events behind Black Hawk Down with the producer of the 2001 film Jerry Bruckheimer. The day continues featuring speakers from Capitol Hill, the military and the premiere later tonight of Peter Berg‘s “Lone Survivor.”

You can watch the day’s panels live here:

White House Continues Trend of Referencing Mean Girls

Once again, it seems like the White House made a Mean Girls reference.

The 2004 comedy staring Lindsay Lohan, who we’re aware is something of a Washington sparklie, is ripe for referencing inside the Beltway. In a tweet sent out by the official White House account, Bo is the culprit in this recent attempt to reference the lack of fetch ever happening. But who’s the real culprit?

Mean Girls has been a subtle staple inside the Obama media team since the 2012 re-election campaign. A gif here, a(n unofficial) quickmeme template there and a random Ann Coulter reference that makes us think she’s never seen the film. But Mean Girls is essential when dissecting Washington, especially in gif form. Could this be a sign of DoJ fighting the American Airlines/U.S. Airways merger? Proof of Cronut coming to D.C.? Or worse–nothing at all except a brief tweet on a Tuesday?

No word when the administration will start using The Canyons as a talking point.