Ashley Judd Won't Run as McConnell's Campaign Beast Is Unveiled

The result from months of speculation? Google results.

Crushing every Kentucky political reporter’s 2014 dreams Ashley Judd announced she will not seek Mitch McConnell‘s incumbent seat. The actress announced her news via her Twitter:

Judd later posted a full entry on her personal site thanking her supporters.

Which means weeks and weeks of entertainment correspondents and political reporters dreams of a Judd v. McConnell race are up in smoke. Politico profiles a potential reason why the Mississippi-based actress may have dropped out: Mitch McConnell is out for blood. Comes the excerpt from this morning’s Playbook:

“He’s already on the air with nearly $200,000 in TV and radio ads, is assembling streams of data to target voters with tailor-made messages, and has quietly moved to lock down support from virtually every state GOP legislator. He says he’ll use ‘every penny’ of a war chest certain to exceed the $21 million he spent in 2008.”

Even if the 71-year old, four-time incumbent is set on keeping his seat there are still those that won’t let the potential for bon mots go. ABC News’ The Note goes with “Kentucky Dirby” in the headline while profiling the only other possible high-profile candidate: Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes. The secretary was reportedly “wooed” by former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for office. And would she? With Clinton-backing and every Kentucky Democrat desperate for a seat after 28 years? Of course they would.

Except now “Kentucky Derby” is probably the most creative we’ll ever get when trying to drum up interest. So far it looks like the closest Judd will get to being on Capitol Hill will be in her Olympus Has Fallen cameo.

Washington Media Types Desperate for a Judd/McConnell Campaign

Ambassador Melanne Verveer, Ashley Judd, Aparajita Gogoi, Nthabiseng Tshabalala, Baroness Amos, Maria S. Eitel

If only there were an easier way to introduce a Capitol Hill hopeful instead of Washington’s normal trial-by-flame-war. But with the chum in the 2013 waters that Ashley Judd, daughter of of Naomi Judd and actress, could be gunning for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Kentucky seat. Politico sites GOP insiders and The Daily Caller sites NSFW Mr. Skin for their facts about the potential candidate. And yet how bored everyone must be of the sequester by asking if her running is harmful for Democrats or how “Team Mitch” already is reminding potential voters Judd lives in Tennessee:

And then there’s Juan Williams, who is best presented without context:

“Some Tea Party activists consider McConnell too moderate because he negotiated on deals that led to tax increases and the unpopular sequestration cuts. A tough GOP primary could split Kentucky Republicans and cause him to spend lots of money, weakening him before an election fight against Judd.”

So McConnell’s toughest fight is the former star of Double Jeopardy because he’s in trouble with the Tea Party? While this isn’t anything new for an actress–i.e. remember that thing you said about mining and rape from 2010? The Internet does!–here’s hoping that Judd will weigh in about her own future. In her own words.

It must get exhausting for her to be told all about her future at 317 Russell before she’s even announced an official candidacy.

Makeover at the Mayflower Renaissance

The 85-year old Mayflower Renaissance DC hotel has had it’s share of notable guests (remember Monica Lewinsky and Eliot Spitzer?). The list got longer Saturday night with more glamorous names like Ewan McGregor, Ashley Judd, Dennis Quaid, Tory Burch, Kim Kardashian, and Bobby Flay.

The Grand Ballroom was instantly transformed for the annual White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner after party hosted by Capitol File magazine, Renaissance Hotels and Bing. Here’s a video provided by the Mayflower Renaissance DC about the makeover.