Photos: The Daily Beast Bipartisan Brunch

Over the Inaugural, The Newsweek Daily Beast Company did the impossible in D.C.: they got both the left and the right to compromise. Not at the Capitol, however, but at Café Milano in Georgetown thanks to brunch. The “Bipartisan Brunch” went toe-to-toe against a luncheon hosted Google, Elle and Center for American Progress‘”Leading Women in Washington,” featuring leading women including the top elected representatives and ABC‘s own soiree at the Top-Of-The-Hay.

Hosted by Daily Beast Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown, Presidential Inaugural Committee Co-Chair Eva Longoria, The Weinstein Company’s own Harvey Weinstein, Mark McKinnon and Pamela Thomas-Graham. Why do it?

‘It was just absolutely time that the sharks and the jet had a party,” Brown told Yeas & Nays, making her way through the packed restaurant.’

Other notables include actress Rosario Dawson, Piers Morgan,Andrea Mitchell,Kerry Washington,Gayle King and more are just behind our slideshow.

WHC Insider/Third Way/Huffington Post Inaugural Reception Gallery

WHC Insider/Third Way/Huffington Post

Why yes, we did co-host an event at the Old Ebbitt Grill yesterday where Huffington Post‘s HuffPostLive and Third Way.

Whether HuffPost was interviewing Miss America Mallory Hagen or the official swearing-in liveblog. Among the invited crowd included Beltway mainstays like Delaware Governor Jack Markell, former Rep. Ellen Tauscher and former MPAA Chairman Dan Glickman. There was also Uber founder Travis Kalanick and “White Collar” actor Matt Bomer. Variety came by to profile how Hollywood and the Beltway have more in common than they’d think:

“Some veteran Washington figures who have been pushing for compromise — even as the town descended into even greater gridlock — saw Obama’s inaugural address as infused with the message that even if post-partisanship fell short, in many ways change didn’t.

‘He knows he can’t force the Republicans to do things, but he is going to try and he is going to use the power of this office, which is considerable, to move them in that direction,’ said Matt Bennett, VP of public affairs and co-founder of Third Way, a centrist Democratic org. ‘But mentioning Stonewall, and mentioning gay equality that explicitly twice in an inaugural address, marks a sea change in American politics where these things went from being the fringes to literally in the center of what an inaugurated president was talking about in his address.”

You can see more of our best and brightest in the slideshow below:

Rhoda Glickman to Run NY State’s Film, Arts & Cultural Development Office

Congratulations to arts advocate Rhoda Glickman who is New York-bound  as the new head of Film, Arts & Cultural Development for the great State of New York.  Glickman isn’t abandoning DC altogether – she’ll come home on weekends – but the chance to rejoin her old boss Governor Andrew Cuomo, and be immersed in the world of film, art and culture was too good to pass up.

Currently the Director for Government Relations for the Corporation for National and Community Service, Glickman’s new gig will focus on boosting jobs as well as growing and supporting New York State’s already successful film and arts world.

A longtime supporter of funding for the arts, Glickman spent 14 years as Executive Director of the bi-partisan Congressional Arts Caucus, advising members on federal funding for the arts.

You can count on lots of movie talk at the Glickman family dinner– husband Dan Glickman is the former president of the Motion Picture Association of America, son Jon produced “Rush Hour” and is president of MGM Studios, and daughter Amy is a PR Consultant in NY.