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Mar 30

List of Previous Talent: From Sykes to Nixon’s “Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Review”

Timeline of WHCD Performances From Wikipedia

1945:Performers included Frank SinatraDanny ThomasJimmy DuranteFanny Brice and Danny Kaye.

1969: President Richard Nixon personally requested the Disneyland Golden Horseshoe Revue.


Wally Boagpecosbill from Golden Horseshoe Revue

1976:The dinner featured Bob Hope as emcee and Chevy Chase.[10] When President Ford rose to speak, he “accidentally” caught a tablecloth in his trousers, causing silverware to fall in Chase’s lap. He also pretended to trip as he approached the podium, flinging pages he was carrying into the audience—he then began his speech with “Good evening. I’m Gerald Ford and you’re not” (a reference to Chase’s catchphrase from Weekend Update

1985: Rich Little and President Ronald Reagan in a dual press conference skit.

1988: Yakov Smirnoff

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