DNC Forced To Change Plans But Keeps Spirits Alive

Although it’s no hurricane Isaac, the Democratic National Convention was forced to deny 50,000 eager supporters the chance to see President Barack Obama deliver his keynote address in person, due to the chance of severe weather today in Charlotte, North Carolina. The President addressed credential holders, many of whom were community organizers across the country, via a conference call earlier today and said “I regret that we’re not all gathering together in one place to deliver my acceptance speech tonight.” Instead, credential holders will attempt to gather at smaller community events to watch the speech on TV.

Commenting on the convention so far, President Obama said “we’ve had an unbelievable convention. Michelle — what can I say? I’m a little biased, but she was unbelievable. And yesterday President Clinton, who I think broke down the issues as effectively as anybody could; to hear from ordinary Americans who tell the story of their lives from veterans to businesspeople to workers; and to hear some of our great governors and members of Congress — I could not be prouder of the work that everybody has done. Mayor Castro from San Antonio is obviously just an incredible talent.”

MSNBC won convention ratings for the first time ever with it’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention – check out their recap of past Obama big speeches, just hours away from his address this evening:

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