Van Susteren and Coale to attend Kardashian Wedding

Kim Kardashian, Greta Van Susteren and John Coale at the 2010 WHC Garden Brunch

The White House Correspondent’s Dinner has a history of building relationships.  In 2010, Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren brought Kim Kardashian to the weekend full of festivities.  Having kept in touch,  Greta and her husband, John Coale received an invite to the upcoming wedding of Kardashian to NBA player Kris Humphries this weekend in California.

Coale told POLITICO “Should be a real hoot!”

Another famous DC duo are also reportedly in Cali to do some baking for the wedding.

White House Reporters Take Their (new) Seats

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs wasted no time in pointing out that the press corps was decked out in their “Sunday best” for the debut of the new seating arrangements in the James S. Brady Briefing Room. With the President traveling in Atlanta, GA on Monday there was no daily briefing back in Washington, DC. But on Tuesday it was back to business.

“Church is full today,” joked Gibbs. “That’s good to see.” Here’s the briefing from C-SPAN.

Most eyes were on the Associated Press who now occupy the front row, center seat once warmed by Helen Thomas – but there were several changes made by the White House Correspondents Association and a whole new seating chart – one that may require a booster seat as Gibbs pointed out to America Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan who could barely see the podium from her spot behind NPR reporter Ari Shaprio.

“Ms. Ryan, you’re going to have to ask that gentleman in front of you to sit down a little,” joked Gibbs. “He’s a little on the tall side.”

Ryan moved up from the fourth row to the middle of the third row next to Politico, which also moved up from fourth to third row. That put Ryan directly behind NPR, one of the contenders for the Thomas perch. NPR was given Fox’s old seat in the second row, directly behind the newly ensconced AP. Fox moved up to the first row in the old AP seat. Got it?