Fake AP(ps) and Reports are The New Attack Ad

So long Daisy and Demon Sheep; hello mobile phones and faux-reports!

The Washington Post reports on Robert Ehrlich Jr.’s recent advertising campaign to take back the governor’s seat this year. Instead of a generic spot airing on the cable networks, the former Maryland governor provides on-location briefings via YouTube “covered” by Andy Barth, a former TV reporter and now acting as his press secretary.

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Will The iPad be the 2010 Crackberry?

The Official iPad of WHC Insider

Who knew the iPad would become the unsung hero of Capitol Hill?

Politico reports that the gigantic iPhone–which is also making a steady increase around the Beltway–is becoming the go-to device for congressmen. Representitive Jason Chaffetz (R) neatly sums up the why: “It’s light; it’s portable. It’s accessible information. I love it.”

The iPad love is being supported among both parties, including Darrell Issa and Cliff Stearns, especially if it means an end to the backbreaking binders and committees swarmed by paper. Even better? It may kill the Blackberry addiction that has held D.C. in a vice grip for years.

DCist provides a round up of links to state the case that Apple is slowly encroaching on the nation’s capital. One day, it may even take the spot that Blackberries hold in the Beltway’s heart–presumably after the fears of leaked customer information that Valleywag reported earlier this month are taken care of. But like that matters if you’ve already sold 3 million of them, according to Mashable.

The iPad remains the ultimate staffer dream: a lighter, somewhat more portable crackberry that means an end to endless binders, show bibles and 50-lb drafts of legislation. Not to mention more people to play Words With Friends!