50 Days Until The Election…

So what’s happening? So glad you asked.

  • Jusitn Bieber is proof you can market anything with his name and it will become popular. For example, “WHAT IF BIEBER WAS A REPUBLICAN?! THEN WHAT WOULD HAPPEN?!!” (Politico)
  • Sharon Angle’s last-minute departure from a debate prompts Jon Ralston to point out this is a Senate, not a High School, race. [CNN]
  • The Delaware race for Mike Castle’s seat is becoming TEA PARTY V. REPUBLICANS rather than about the candidates. (Washington Post)
  • This election will be rough for Dems, but there’re seven races that could lessen any blows. (Washington Post)
  • Not tied to an election per se, but The Atlantic Media Company is shifting Hotline, National Journal and Congress Daily to be free. Thanks, Politico! (NYTimes)