President Obama Visits His Irish Ancestors

It’s hard to top a visit from the Queen of England, but President Obama did just that as he began his European tour in Moneygall, the hometown of his Irish ancestors. An American genealogist discovered Obama’s Irish roots back in 2007, tracing the connection on the president’s maternal side. Moneygall is about 90 miles from the capital city of Dublin.

It’s been almost 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was warmly welcomed to Ireland; he called his 1963 journey to the emerald isle “the best four days of my life.” Obama gave a rousing address to an estimated crowd of 100,000 people at Trinity College, the same location at which President Clinton spoke back in 1995.

For more on the president’s homecoming read the Washington Post’s story here.

Unfortunately, the president will be cutting his trip to Ireland short in order to avoid flying in the ash cloud released by an Icelandic volcano. Looming volcanic ash sounds like a good excuse to throw back a pint of Guinness, although it appears the president didn’t need much arm-twisting when he toasted his “fellow” Irishmen.