Masters in Politics: NYT Media Columnist Jim Rutenberg Says Too Much Media Attention On Trump Rewards Hillary Clinton


On the latest episode of Bloomberg’s Masters in Politics podcast, Tammy Haddad and Betsy Fischer Martin spoke to media writer extraordinaire Jim Rutenberg about how candidates manipulate the media or hide from it in order to control the narrative.

According to Rutenberg, journalists are finding it difficult to remain impartial this election season with the unprecedented rise of Donald Trump and his near-daily controversies. “All the focus on Trump takes some of the onus off of Hillary Clinton, who almost gets rewarded for not doing press conferences. I think her refusal to do press conferences is disgraceful,” Rutenberg said. “The email story and the stories about the interplay between her foundation and the State Department, which is a story that broke last week. We have to chase that really hard.”

Rutenberg also discussed the Trump campaign’s decision to bring on Roger Ailes to assist with debate prep. “They just spent the weekend together, Ailes and Trump. Here’s the thing about Roger Ailes, whatever you say about him, he is the best living television strategist and producer and maybe the best of all time, one of the best for sure. He knows how to game moderators, he knows how to work a debate, he invented it! He will be a formidable tool in Donald Trump’s toolkit. Donald Trump knows how to debate, sure. But he doesn’t know how to debate in a general election. He couldn’t have a better or more politically potent coach than Roger Ailes.”

You can listen to the full interview here.

Fox News Cuts Out The Red Rove Meat

Start out your humpday right: here’s why Karl Rove (or Dick Morris) will be on Fox News anytime soon.

Reported yesterday by New York Magazine, it sounds like Roger Ailes has decided that Fox News should lick its wounds from Election 2012 just a little longer. Not because of partisan politics or earlier mandates, but mainly as an after-effect of the now-infamous meltdown Rove had on air about Ohio’s electoral voting system and Morris’ own haphazard readings. As it stands, according to NY Mag’s Gabriel Sherman, if producers want to use either talking head must be pre-approved from higher up in the Fox food chain.

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Ailes: Clinton to Fox?

In a recent interview, Fox News President Roger Ailes seemed to shift from his traditionally conservative stance and may have developed a bit of a soft spot for some top Democrats. In an interview with Howard Kurtz, Ailes – the man who put Sarah Palin back on television – even said he’d hire Hillary Clinton: “She looks unhappy at the State Department. She’d get ratings.” See the full story on The Daily Beast here.