Global Virus Network Party Hosted by Cafe Milano’s Franco Nuschese

Only Franco Nuschese could bring together such an esteemed crowd to talk about global health concerns. At his fabulous home in Northwest Washington he brought together top scientists and advocates at a reception for the Global Virus Network. Dr. Robert Gallo, who co-discovered the AIDS virus and is also the co-founder and scientific director of the GVN, gave remarks to help the crowd understand the importance of the GVN and its funding.

In welcoming the group, Dr. Sharon Hrynkow, President of GVN, noted that “the toll of viral diseases goes beyond human health, making enormous impacts on economies, as in the case of SARS and HIV/AIDS as only two examples, and in national security, when put in terms of military preparedness. We cannot think of viral disease only with respect to the health sector.”

Surrounded by GVN Board Chairman Kathleen Kennedy Townsend and new board members including Dr. William Haseltine, Dr. Zaid Al Siksek and Gina Adams among other members of the board. Dr. Gallo warned the crowd of the importantance of having a non-governmental private network of scientist who can coordinate a Response to viruses as they come up.

Recommending “centers of excellence” with top virologists to immediately respond and coordinate information for viral threats. Kennedy Townsend related the importance of giving to a group like the GVN. “It is a global network,” she told the crowd. “These scientists talk to one another and learn form one another.” She recalled at a GVN event when scientists from Michigan met a group from Japan and learned of the similarities between two viruses each team thought were one-of-a-kind.

Guests included Ambassador Louis Moreno, Ambassador Mauro Vieira, Daryl Edwards on behalf of the Australian Ambassador along with Washington media types like Steve Clemons, Jim Pinkerton, Janet Donovan and Tammy Haddad enjoying a reception buffet with Mary Katherine Steel, Ellie Schafer, Heather Rothenberg and Heather Baker.

You can watch select parts of the program below:

You can learn more about GVN here.

Washington Women in Technology Network Welcome Bloomberg's Jonathan Alter


Jonathan Alter, author of the first 2012 campaign book “The Center Holds: Obama and His Enemies,” came to the Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C. to meet with the Washington Women in Technology Network.

Alter went into stories not reported as in-depth outside of Washington. He discussed how the Romney campaign rejected strategies from a top Republican digital expert. He went in depth into anecdotes about both campaigns; their competing digital strategies and offered to have readers call him out on events–like he was on Friday by Fox’s Roger Ailes in Politico.

Speaking to a luncheon co-hosted by Hilary Rosen, Becky Fischer-Martin, Constance Milstein, Holly Page and Kim Kinglsey. Guests included Facebook’s Marne Levine and Sarah Feinberg, Regina Hopper, Kelley McCormick, Emily Goodin, Stephanie Green and Kim Kingsley.

The full interview below:

You can see more photos from Monday’s luncheon here:

John Dingle on the last 57 Years in Washington

This week Rep. John Dingle celebrates 57 years on Capitol Hill, going over 30 terms and 11 different presidents. In the interview with the New York Times, Dingle reflects on the changes in policy and a greatest hits of what’s happened in Washington. Choice quotes include:

  • “Nixon was, according to Eisenhower, a great bad man.”
  • “Obama…has probably got the smallest rolodex of anybody in this town.”
  • “I never wanted to be president. You’re never a human being after that.”
    It’s a quick runthrough of Dingle’s greatest hits without his wife Debbie or children. No sign of Michigan’s newfound holiday, “John Dingle Day,” in 2009 or the time he read a poem responding to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly’s “War on Christmas” speech. Instead Dingle’s reflections go over the many presidents that came and went, while leaving the survivor of three redistricting in Michigan in office for half a century.
  • 2013 White House Correspondents Brunch Video

    The 2013 White House Correspondents’ Dinner and Annual Brunch are over, but it doesn’t stop you from giving to important organizations that need your support the Miss America Foundation for scholarships and CURE epilepsy for brain research. Retired Army Captain Pat Horan and his wife Patty received the Garden Brunch Heroes Award and WHCA President Ed Henry was presented with an award to salute 99 years of White House Correspondents. The Garden Brunch was a great opportunity for the Washington media to interact with charities, tech pioneers and bold-faced names that attended the dinner.

    You can donate to Miss America Foundation and CURE from these links.

    The End of Big Book Party 'Live' At The Jefferson

    We’re lucky that Nicco Mele< / tried to warn us about this back in 2004. His new book, “The End of Big” has an important sub-title: “How the Internet Makes David the New Goliath.”

    Whether it’s a personalizing comments or reshaping media Nicco’s book is the starting point for our new landscape. Nicco already is an accomplished entrepreneur, angel investor and tired of answering everyone’s question about “what is a Bitcoin anyway?”

    All that aside, Nicco’s an important voice in this changing world of media and interactivity. It started at Howard Dean’s meetups and continued through today as he’s on faculty at the Harvard Kennedy School teaching graduate students how the Internet, politics and even bitcoins factor into running our country. And if that’s not enough, you can always go to his site for a less-serious photo.

    You can watch remarks starting live at 7 p.m. est below:

    Streaming Live by Ustream

    Celebrating 20 Years: 2010 Garden Brunch


    The 17th Annual White House Correspondents’ Association Garden Brunch was a historic one in that it marked the last year it was held at the home of longtime Washington TV executive and CEO of Haddad Media–Tammy Haddad.

    Attendees mingled outdoors in a Palisades location overlooking the Potomac, meeting old friends and connecting with new ones before the main event in the Hilton ballroom that evening.

    2010 WHC Garden Brunch for MDED and CURE Epilepsy from whcinsider on Vimeo.

    Guests included entertainment luminaries like Chevy Chase, Patricia Arquette, Kim Kardashian, Dana Delaney, Cheryl Hines, the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Joe Mazzello, Omar EppsAdrien Grenier.

    The Fourth Estate was well represented with guests such as Fox’s Rupert Murdoch, Wolf Blitzer, Arianna Huffington, David Gregory, Andrea Mitchell, Bret Baier and Gayle King.

    And the event once again honored two important causes – ending maternal mortality through Mothers Day Every Day (a partnership of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood and CARE), and supporting research for epilepsy through CURE Epilepsy.

    2010 WHC Garden Brunch for MDED and CURE Epilepsy from whcinsider on Vimeo.

    Celebrating 20 Years: 2012 Garden Brunch

    Special Guests Tweet for a Cause

    The 20th Annual Garden Brunch will kick off White House Correspondents Association’s weekend today. So we figured to honor our age–and wish the WHCA a happy 99th birthday–we’d look back at the last three years that lead up to where we are today.

    Last year the gathering was once again held at the historic Beall-Washington House in Georgetown, graciously provided by Mark Ein. The brunch provided a bright spot to an otherwise cloudy day made better with the glittering collection of celebrities from Hollywood and Washington.

    Lindsay Lohan’s arrival garnered special attention, as well as Elle Macpherson and Kerry Washington of the newly premiered show “Scandal.” Other special guests included Rosario Dawson, Kris Jenner, Johnny Galecki (“The Big Bang Theory”),
    Chace Crawford and Matthew Morrison.

    There was also a special appearance from Woody Harrelson, fresh off the HBO political drama “Game Change.” See below for video highlights:

    Celebrating the 20th Annual White House Garden Brunch

    This year marks the 99th Anniversary of the White House Correspondents Association’s Annual Dinner, which means our Annual Garden Brunch is 20 years old! Our brunch goes back to a time when White House Correspondents Weekend meant only a dinner and no time for old friends to meet with new ones before convening at the Washington Hilton.

    Originally held at the Palisades home of Haddad Media CEO and veteran Washington TV executive Tammy Haddad, the brunch has since moved to the historic Beall-Washington House in Georgetown. Over the years the brunch has been co-presented and honored such prestigious organizations like CURE epilepsy, The White Ribbon Foundation and this year The Miss America Foundation. Co-hosts include a bi-partisan list of media and political notables including Hilary Rosen, Alex Castellanos, Steve McMahon, Kevin Sheekey, Anita Dunn, Bill Knapp, David Adler, Mark Ein, Franco Nuschese and now Steve and Jean Case. The Brunch provides the first time that many new faces for Correspondents’ Weekend meet their dinner sponsors.

    Barbra Streisand attended the first brunch along with Tim Russert, former Bush 41 White House aide Anna Perez and a bunch of reporters. There are too many famous friends who have attended to list here. Take a look at last year’s video below:

    The Brunch is an essential kick-off for the day’s festivities, which will continue into the night when Conan O’Brien introduced President Barack Obama at the dinner.

    Jon Favreau Says Farewell on Colbert

    Jon Favreau, Obama’s soon-to-be-departing outgoing director of speechwriting, stopped by The Colbert Report last night to go over his time with the President and his Hollywood aspirations. While the esteemed former Super PAC founder hoped to go back on the nine-year veteran’s career prior to the White House (“please use the words fry cook.”)

    While today is technically Favreau’s last day at the White House–again, Colbert: “I booked you 24 hours too early!” While he and David Axelrod were responsible for the 2009 White House Correspondents Dinner sketches, Favreau’s departure from Washington for Los Angeles may be tough. After all, there’s already Jon Favreau, writer-director of Swingers and Iron Man. But Vanity Fair has us covered in a tale of the Favs. The full Colbert video below: