A Description on How Shopify Websites Work

Shopify is a software that allows business people to create a website which can be used to market, ship, sell, and manage products. It is a platform that allows one to create an online shop, add products and display them, remotely track the stock flow, process payments, approve orders, and facilitate the shipping process. In addition, tax rates, and shipping charges can be calculated on the Shopify websites shopify fulfillment service.  

Procedure for setting up an online shop using Shopify 

1. Sign up 

Signing up and registration involves visiting the website that offers the service and creating an account. The client will be required to provide some basic details like names, contacts, country and address. Most Shopify websites have a free trial option. During the free trial period, he client will use the platform for free, while exploring how it works. When the trial period ends, a subscription fee should be paid. 

2. Setting up the online store 

After successfully creating an account, the next step will be customizing the store. At this stage, products display option, shipping and payment settings made.  

3. Selecting the preferred design 

Layout and themes can be added to make the store more appealing to buyers. There are various themes found on theme store, from which one can choose one. After selecting the theme, the user is provided with a preview before saving the settings.  

4. Modifying or editing Shopify settings 

In the Shopify website settings, the following can be done: 

  • Uploading a logo 
  • Editing colour schemes 
  • Changing the font styles 
  • Adding navigation feature to allow display of related items functionality 
  • Specifying the number of products that can be displayed in a given category 
  • Repositioning elements and displaying social buttons 

5. Adding products 

Products can now be added by navigating to the products button. There will be an option that allows adding products to the store or online shop. Product name, price, and description is specified here. Clear pictures or images of products are also uploaded. After providing all the required information about the product, there is a ‘Save product’ option. It is important to add or place the product in its relevant category, for example whether it is in electronics or clothes category. Products that appear on the home page and navigation panes are also specified. 

6. Adding a domain name 

For the website to become live and be accessible, a domain name is specified. The domain name is bought from the hosting website or other service providers that sells domain names. Details on various types of domain names will be availed while purchasing. 

Enable one to operate an online store easily at a low cost. It is usually characterized by a user friendly interface 

Challenges of using shopify websites 

Payment of regular subscription fees is a requirement that can be costly at the end.  

Most of them are less customizable. 

Shopify websites do not offer the actual products for sell, or storing the merchandise. However, they allow one to print shipping details and labels.