Why should you hire a disability lawyer? 

A disability lawyer is a lawyer who helps people who are unable to work due to various reasons access the disability benefits that they need. Some of the conditions that qualify you for social security disability claim include respiratory illnesses, cardiovascular conditions, digestive tract problems, neurological disorders, blood disorders among others. However, these do not automatically qualify you for social security disability compensation. You almost certainly will need to argue your case in front of an administrative law judge. This makes it necessary to hire a disability lawyer 

Disability lawyers understand the medical evidence needed to win a case. 

Having had years of experience with cases like these, disability lawyers understand what it takes to win them better than the average joe. An applicant may not know exactly what medical records to use and may end up supplying either too much or too little information. However, a disability attorney knows exactly what the judge needs. 

They know how to communicate with medical experts. 

To win your disability claim, you need your doctor to confirm that you are, indeed, incapable of working and, hence, qualify for a disability claim. However, a doctor might not be willing to testify in a court case, or may not believe that you are actually disabled. Disability lawyers can help you convince these doctors to testify in your favour. The doctors may also respond better to a professional than to you. 

Disability lawyers are experts at the court process. 

Having worked on similar cases multiple times before, disability lawyers know exactly what is needed to win a case. They have learnt what a specific law judge considers when deciding on a case and have perfected the art of presenting their arguments in the best way possible. They are also good at handling information about you, either from your medical records or otherwise, that might make you lose the claim. 

Disability lawyers can also cross examine vocational experts who do not support your claim. Vocational experts are people whose job is to testify on what job they think an applicant can do with their particular condition. Their opinions almost always determine the outcome of the case. Your lawyer can ask them questions that will favour you in the case. 

Your lawyer can also cross examine you to clarify any details that you might have left out or not clarified during your questioning by the judge. This is because some of your answers might not favour your claim. With their experience on such issues, these lawyers can ask you questions that are most likely to yield positive results.  

In regards to these arguments, it is advisable to get a disability lawyer for your disability claim as you are more likely to win the case if you have one. However, it is all up to you. If in doubt, you can call any of their offices for enquiry as most of them offer free consultation and only charge you after winning the case. 

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