Thanks to the innovation of the unique construction Viking arm tool. The tool makes your work professional and easier. It is a tool that has substituted the traditional multiple tools for one. The task is a one-man job. Therefore, substitution saves time and cash. It is an amazing tool to have at your home or workshop.  

Much can be done using the tool including; installation, lifting, pressing and tightening, adjusting, and many more jobs. 

There is a lot of innovation using the tool because it is easier to learn how to use it. It is, therefore, good to have the tool at home to lessen some of the tasks. 

Below are some of the best uses of the Viking Arm tool; 


The Vking arms tool is used to lift objects. It can be used in hanging objects like doors, cabinets, windows, wood frames, or wallboards. Due to its capacity, it can lift objects with a weight of up to one-hundred and fifty kilograms. It has the power to lift heavy loads as it is fabricated of stainless steel. 


Traditionally, installing floors, windows, doors, and frames was not easy and would require two or more labor to install. The innovation of the Viking Arm tool makes the tasks more simple and faster to accomplish. The tool is adjusted depending on the work.  


The tool helps in tightening and pressing objects to fit into their predefined point. Tightening of flooring material is part of its use.  


The Viking Arm tool is used to hold objects together mostly for screwing or holding fixtures into position. Clamping objects such as a piece of wood, make the work easier and faster. 


The tool can help in leveling. When you need something to be uniform in level, this is the tool you need to measure with. In this case, two tools are better in the balancing of the object. Leveling using the tool will save a lot of energy.  


In metalwork or woodwork, there are some adjustments needed to make the work beautiful. The work needs either spacing or pressing together. The tool comes in as per the requirement. When laying deck boards, the tool can help in adjustment by squeezing instead of lifting. It can be used at your kitchen or sitting room to adjsust furnitures. 

Other uses 

There are other uses of the tool such as the dismantling of the woodwork.  

Can be used as a caulking gun if you do not own one.  


The Viking Arm tool in your workshop or at home can save a lot. When you need to lift something, you do not need to reach out for labor. Adjust the tool and lift the item at home with less energy. Using the tool for a commercial workshop, helps the technician to do a very clean. 

To make the work easier, but one tool for the workshop at home or commercial use and you will feel the difference.