Common types of cotton rope and their uses

A cotton rope is a light and soft stretchy three-strand rope made from cotton and is usually used for decorative purposes. This article focuses on the most common types and uses of cotton rope.  

There are characteristics of cotton rope that makes it a great choice for your roping needs that include; 

  • It is biodegradable in that it decomposes easily thus avoiding pollution. 
  • It is environmentally friendly 
  • It is heat resistant 
  • It is retardant to flame 
  • It can be painted or dyed 

There are two most common types and uses of cotton rope which is twisted and braided cotton ropes.  

Twisted cotton rope 

This is the stronger cotton rope option and can be used for outdoor applications. It is formed by twisting cotton fibers into strands which are then twisted to form a rope.  

Uses of twisted cotton rope 

Twisted cotton rope can be used for diverse applications that include; 

  1. Fashion and jewelry: Twisted cotton rope can be used to make straps for bags and purses. If you want to add some details to your existing garments, necklaces and bracelets, this rope will be a perfect fit.  
  1. Decorating homes: You can use a twisted cotton rope to craft and add style to your home. There are popular curtains, fruit baskets, jar lids, lampshades and bulb shades made from this type of rope.   
  1. Outdoor utilities: They are popular for clotheslines used to hang clothes. They can also be used to make strong tent lines and fishing knots that can withstand adverse climate changes.   
  1. Animal toys: Teething animals, especially dogs can be destructive since they tear through things and play a lot. They at times tend to swallow harmful things out of your watch. Twisted cotton rope is safe for them even if they swallow it by mistake.  

Braided cotton rope 

Braided cotton rope is formed by braiding cotton fibers into tube-like braids for a smoother and more flexible cotton roping. They are less stretchy and more difficult to splice. 

Uses of braided cotton rope 

The following are some of the most common uses of braided cotton type: 

  1. Rock climbing: Rock climbing is an extreme sport. Climbers use a braided cotton rope to balance physical strength with a mental focus.  
  1. Car towing: Braided cotton rope is a good choice when it comes to pulling heavy loads. For instance, a car might get stuck in the mud and this type of rope could be the only choice you’ve got on a lonely road.  
  1. Hammock construction: Hammocks are good for relaxing and gazing around under a tree shade while reading a novel. Braided cotton rope is used to make such hammocks.  


The above are the most common types and uses of cotton rope. It is important to buy a cotton rope based on its purpose.  

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